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Is The Scottish Pound Legal Tender In England

Date last issued: 2000 £20 Series E (revised version) Date first issued: 27 September 1993 Date ceased to be legal tender: 28 February 2001 Colour: Multicoloured (predominantly mauve-purple) Size: 5 7/8" x 3 1/8" (149mm x 80mm) Design: Roger Withington.Revised version issued: colour of denomination symbol £20 in top-left hand corner changed to darker purple and additional. 2 days agoFrom past to present – the history of the Scottish pound. Before 1707 Scotland was known as the Kingdom of Scotland in much the same way England was referred to as the Kingdom of England. At this time the pound Scots was used in Scotland, but this came to an end with the unification of the two countries in 1707. The Bank of England exchanges old notes for new ones Credit: PA:Press Association.

Old paper £5 notes ceased to be legal tender from May 2017 and the paper £10 note was withdrawn in March 2018.


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